Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Ship-Service-BOP-2_smThe Advanced Technology Group at FuelCell Energy conducts focused applications development programs to expand market opportunities for our existing products and to advance new technologies to market entry stage.

Some of the advanced technologies under development are enhancements of the existing Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) technology. Some programs are focused on improved fuel processing, such as lower cost systems to clean impurities from natural gas or biogas, and fuel processing systems for alternative fuels, including liquid fuels.

The DFC-H2 program is refining a variation of the DFC power plant, which produces a purified hydrogen stream in addition to electricity and thermal energy. Potential markets for this tri-generation system are fuel cell vehicle filling stations and industrial hydrogen consumers.

Our Carbon Capture program uses the carbonate fuel cell as a carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration system, for capturing CO2 from dilute exhaust streams of fossil fueled power plants or industrial furnace operations for sequestration or commercial utilization. This technology has the potential to be a cost effective way to capture CO2 while producing clean power.

FuelCell Energy’s Versa Power System (Versa) business is recognized as a world leader in the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology. Still in the developmental stage, the Versa SOFC technology has the potential to achieve very high electrical efficiency (~60%) as well as providing useful waste heat for combined heat and power applications. Versa has focused on achieving high performance levels while increasing the size of the individual fuel cell package to levels that will make for a cost effective power generation solution.