Clean Natural Gas

Our Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) power plants efficiently convert hydrogen and oxygen into ultra-clean electricity and usable high quality heat suitable for making steam. The hydrogen is obtained from a fuel source such as clean natural gas or renewable biogas, and is reformed within the fuel cell itself. This unique internal reforming technology provides fuel flexibility, enabling DFC power plants to utilize readily available fuels.

Natural gas is the primary fuel source used by our growing installed fleet of DFC power plants. An established natural gas distribution pipeline in our geographic markets combined with the high efficiency of the fuel cell power generation process supports the use of this clean fuel source for generating electricity and heat.  Read more about the Expanding the role of natural gas.

Our power plants are well suited for providing on-site power generation as well as multi-megawatt fuel cell parks to support the electric grid. We are pursuing opportunities in seven distinct markets for ultra-clean, efficient and reliable DFC power plants using natural gas.

Multi-megawatt grid power generation applications include:

On-site power generation applications include: