Oil Production & Refining

Ultra-clean, highly efficient and reliable DFC power plants fueled by natural gas offer attractive economics for oil and gas operations

Oil and gas extraction operations are a unique application for stationary fuel cell power plants. Oil and natural gas are generally found together in the extraction process so the natural gas extracted on-site represents a readily available fuel source for Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) power plants. DFC power plants can be located at extraction sites and the power used to support the extraction processes. The continuous baseload power generated by the DFC power plants supports reliable, around-the-clock operations.


DFC power plants can provide a second value stream for the extraction process in the form of clean carbon dioxide (CO2) that can be injected underground for enhanced oil recovery. The DFC technology separates and concentrates the CO2 that is contained within the natural gas fuel source. This CO2 is virtually absent of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx), making it suitable for underground injection.

Utilizing on-site natural gas enhances the DFC power plant economics. Absent a nearby natural gas pipeline, finding local uses for the natural gas may not be viable or cost effective. The ability to provide on-site high-quality CO2 that is virtually absent of pollutants also supports the DFC power plant economics. Heat from the power plant is adequate to generate steam, which can be applicable for enhanced oil recovery in certain geographies.

DFC power plant applications like oil and gas extraction offer sustainability benefits because the power generated is ultra-clean and carbon neutral with the underground injection of CO2.

Stationary DFC power plants are not portable so an appropriate oil and gas application would be one with an expected natural gas production lifecycle of multiple years.