Commercial / Data Centers

Reliable and easily sited, ultra-clean DFC power plants are ideal energy solutions for commercial applications

Fenchurch-annual-report_smReliable and environmentally friendly power sources are invaluable energy assets in commercial and hospitality applications because interruptions to the power grid can lead to upset clients and significant loss of revenue. Large office and hospitality campuses are turning to on-site fuel cell power plants as a reliable source of baseload power. Easy to site, Direct FuelCell® (DFC®)power plants are well suited for campuses with significant and continuous power needs. Modest space requirements, quiet and vibration-free operation, and the absence of almost any pollutants facilitate the siting of DFC power plants in populated areas and near buildings.

As an added benefit to the ultra-clean electrical power generation capabilities of DFC power plants, the high quality heat produced within the fuel cells can be used for facility heating and cooling, reducing or even eliminating the need for boilers or water heaters on the property. The heat can even be used to heat large swimming pools at hotel properties. These combined heat and power (CHP) applications, result in extremely high system efficiencies as well as reducing heating costs and associated emissions from boilers.


The numerous sustainability aspects of ultra-clean and efficient fuel cell power generation support LEED certification and other similar ‘green-building’ initiatives.

Ideal applications are facilities with baseload requirements of 11 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually or greater and a use for high quality heat for facility heating, heating water, and/or absorption chilling. One 1.4 megawatt DFC1500 will meet baseload requirements at this level. Smaller facilities may not be able to utilize the full output of megawatt-class power plants.