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Constructing the World's Largest Fuel Cell Park
Running Time: 2:04
Apr 18, 2014
Multi-megawatt Fuel Cell Parks
Running Time: 2:41
Aug 13, 2013
Ultra-clean and efficient power for a University
Running Time: 4:04
Sep 9, 2012
Environmentally friendly distributed power generation
Running Time: 3:28
Nov 6, 2012
FuelCell Energy manufacturing and company overview
Running Time: 4:28
Apr 3, 2013

Videos in the news
Oct 1, 2015Fuel cells supporting microgrid at California jail - Bloomberg
Oct 14, 2014News12 Coverage: Head of the EPA Visits Bridgeport Fuel Cell Park
Nov 6, 2014Renewable biogas powering cloud computing - KGWN CBS 5 (Cheyenne)
Dec 1, 2013FuelCell Energy power plant inside a London office/retail complex – BBC
Oct 1, 2013Smart grid using a FuelCell Energy power plant – Bloomberg
Jul 10, 2012Fuel Cell Power Plant Comes to Central CT State University
Sep 16, 2011ECO-COMPANY Video on FuelCell Energy
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Expanding North American Manufacturing
Fuel cell overview by ElectricTV
Hybrid fuel cell animation video prepared by Enbridge, Inc
Fuel cell technician at FuelCell Energy
Customer video - Bridgeport fuel cell park groundbreaking by Dominion
U.S. DOE: Energy 101 - Fuel Cell Technology