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3.7 MW DFC4000™

FuelCell Energy’s DFC4000™ is the largest in the DFC® power plant fleet.

Enhanced Efficiency

The DFC4000™ generates 3.7 megawatts (MW) of ultra-clean power with an industry-leading electrical efficiency of approximately 60%. This enhanced-efficiency fuel cell system is designed for utilities, large industrial users, data centers, and other customers focused on clean and affordable power driven by the benefits and economics of high system electrical efficiency.

Unique Configuration

The standard 2.8 megawatt DFC3000™ power plant is comprised of two 1.4 megawatt fuel cell modules that operate in parallel.  This 3.7 megawatt configuration adds a third module that utilizes unused fuel from the other two modules that would normally generate heat and converts this fuel to electricity to produce additional power.  The DFC4000™ plant is adequate to power approximately 3,700 average size homes and requires roughly 10,000 square feet, or only about ¼ of an acre, providing the benefit of siting this power generation solution where the power is used.


The value proposition for customers and ratepayers is a power plant that can compete with large-scale combined cycle gas plants in terms of both efficiency and economics, yet virtually eliminates criteria pollutants, lends easily to siting in populated and land-constrained areas, and installs relatively quickly. The versatility and scalability in siting of the DFC4000™ promotes point-of-use installations that avoid the expense of transmission and transmission upgrades to ratepayers including both line losses as well as cost to build and maintain.

Clean & Affordable Distributed Generation with Combined Cycle Electrical Efficiencies

DCF4000 Combined Cycle

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