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300 kW DFC300®

FuelCell Energy’s DFC300 system is a self-contained electrical power generation system capable of providing 300 kilowatts of high-quality baseload power, with 47% electrical efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Featuring ultra-low emissions, low operating noise, and a small footprint (600 sq. ft), the DFC300 is suitable for locations where traditional power generation technologies are not feasible or desirable. The DFC300 can be used for on-site power generation and can be integrated with multiple plants to provide 600 kW or 900 kW of ultra-clean distributed generation.

The DFC300 offers Combined Heat and Power (CHP) capabilities for use in industrial processes or facility heating and absorption chilling. The system is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring continuous power and that have a use for the high grade heat, including food/beverage processing plants, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and universities.

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300 kW DFC300 fuel cell power plant

Unlike other fuel cell products, the DFC fuel cells internally reform readily available fuels such as natural gas and anaerobic digester gas into the hydrogen needed for the fuel cell power generation process. This internal reformation process is key to the DFC’s ability to operate at such high electrical efficiency.