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Service Agreements

FuelCell Energy is committed to providing our customers the operating and maintenance options that best suit their needs. Based on the experience that our customer has with our products, we can customize maintenance and operations programs to best support their requirements. Service agreements are available for those customers who wish to completely outsource plant operations and maintenance to our service group, freeing up their maintenance and operating resources.

At the other end of the spectrum, FuelCell Technician certification training is available for plant owners who desire to perform their own local (field) operations and maintenance.

In all cases our Global Monitoring and Control Center (GMCC) is working around the clock to monitor our world-wide fleet, optimize the performance of each plant and provide technical assistance to our customers.

FuelCell Energy is flexible enough to offer full support for a single power plant or entire fleet of Direct FuelCell®(DFC®) products.

Contact us today to learn more about FuelCell Energy’s various service agreements.