Why FuelCell Energy?


Advantages of Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) stationary power plants

FuelCell Energy’s DFC power plants offer numerous advantages over conventional and alternative power generation sources:

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2.8 MW DFC3000 fuel cell power plant

Our DFC stationary power plants are easy to site in populated areas due to their quiet operation and lack of vibrations, modest space requirements, low carbon footprint and virtual absence of pollutants.

DFC plants are scalable power generation sources, allowing for affordable and incremental energy investment that meets growing power needs over time with multi-megawatt installations either on-site or distributed throughout an electric utility service area.


The National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine quantified a range of values for ultra-clean distributed fuel cell generation, utilizing clean natural gas or renewable biogas, and configured for CHP
Stationary fuel cell power plants operating on clean natural gas provide estimated economic value of five cents to twenty cents per kilowatt hour: Stationary fuel cell power plants operating on renewable biogas provide estimated economic value of six cents to twenty seven cents per kilowatt hour:
 California Fuel Cell Value NG - web_sm  California Fuel Cell Value ADG - web_sm

Credit:  copyright 2011 National Fuel Cell Research Center

Source:  Build-Up of Distributed Fuel Cell Value in California – 2011 Update background and methodology, 2011