Highly efficient

Highly-EfficientThe high efficiency of our SureSource power plants contributes to favorable economics through lower fuel consumption as fuel cell power plants generate more power from a given unit of fuel than similar size internal combustion-based power generation.

Our power plants are 47 to 60 percent electrically efficient and can achieve total thermal efficiency up to 90 percent in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration, depending on the application. For natural gas pipeline applications, we offer an enhanced efficiency configuration with a turbine recovery generator that can achieve electrical efficiencies of 60 percent and higher, depending on the flow of pipeline gas.

Our SureSource power plants are ideal distributed generation sources and enable efficient power delivery. Providing power at the point of use avoids the need for transmission & distribution infrastructure and corresponding transmission losses. Typically, the transmission of power over long distances results in line power losses of 7 – 9 percent of the centrally-generated power. As a form of distributed generation, our fuel cell solutions avoid these costly transmission losses.