Use case: Government facilities

Government officials continue to realize the advantages of utilizing SureSource fuel cell plants as an on-site power source to supply government entities, such as county office buildings, government ministries and correctional facilities, with ultra-clean and reliable power and heat.

Our municipal application

  • Enables environmental leadership achieved through the adoption of environmentally-friendly fuel cell power generation that lessens the municipality’s carbon footprint and advances sustainability
  • Reduces operating costs as highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) generation process yields lower energy costs, while the heat generated by fuel cells can be used for facility heating in replacement of combustion-based boilers
  • Increases power reliability with continuous supply of power generated on-site, where the power is needed, that is not determined by weather or time of day
    • Micro-grid capability: Our SureSource solutions can be configured in a micro-grid to generate and supply power independently from the electric grid. This enables our power plant to remain operating in the event of a grid outage or disturbance, further increasing energy security by supplying the municipal facilities interconnected by the micro-grid with continuous power.