Comprehensive services

When you purchase a SureSource power plant from FuelCell Energy, we embark on a long-term relationship together. We provide complete support to each of our valued customers for the life cycle of the product. We stand by each SureSource system in the field and embrace a customer-focused and customer-driven culture.

We offer a broad range of services that can be matched to the specific needs of the fuel cell project with comprehensive service agreements up to 20 years in duration. Whether an individual power plant or a fleet of SureSource products generating multiple megawatts of power, our SureSource Service team will work with you to identify the ideal service agreement that best meets your specific needs.

Our service offerings include:

  • Long-Term Service Agreements: We operate and maintain the power plant or plants with service programs up to twenty years in duration and tailor them to meet specific customer needs
  • Global Monitoring and Control Center: Real-time monitoring and remote operation of more than 50 installations globally – monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Online Support System: Web portal allows SureSource plant owners access to performance metrics for tracking and documenting performance and service support
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regional service technicians and comprehensive warehousing support keep SureSource products operating reliably for the long term
  • Technical Experts: Our research and development staff of professional engineers and leading fuel cell scientists, including numerous Ph.D.’s, provide technical expertise in the areas of plant operation and performance as well as fuel processing.
  • Parts and Supplies: Parts are stocked in regional parts depots to ensure speedy delivery and maximum availability of the power plants. Central warehouses support the regional parts depots and we have strategic service alliances with key component suppliers.
  • On-Site and Classroom Training: We ensure our customers receive the degree of training that they desire, ranging from basic to intermediate to advanced training programs for fuel cell operation and maintenance. Depending on our customer needs, training is held at the customer location and/or at our corporate office in Danbury, Connecticut, USA
  • Refurbishment/Recycling: Consistent with our environmental commitment, we refurbish or recycle more than 90 percent of the power plant at its end of life, including the fuel cell stacks. Learn more about our sustainability commitment.

Service agreements

FuelCell Energy is committed to providing our customers with the operating and maintenance options that best suit their needs. Based on the experience that our customer has with our products, we can customize maintenance and operations programs to best support the customer requirements. Outsourcing plant operations and maintenance to our service group helps our customers utilize their maintenance and operating resources for other priorities. With a service agreement, the power plant is continuously monitored and operated to maximize performance and operating efficiency. Additionally, we can provide site maintenance services for existing mechanical and electrical equipment beyond just the fuel cell installation.

With a Service Agreement, your Customer Service advocate provides you:

  • Continuous Communication on Plant Operations: Automated systems will notify you of plant operations, supplanted with knowledgeable technicians that are only a phone call away – around the clock, 365 days per year.
  • Reporting: Customized reports of power plant performance designed to meet the unique needs of each customer.
  • Data Market: Online customer portal to access and download power plant operating data.
  • Single Point of Contact: Your FuelCell Energy Customer Service advocate learns and understands your business priorities and if they are unable to directly address your question, connects you with the right people from the department necessary.

Ensuring maximum availability

Availability is a key metric for meeting customers’ expectations. The high level of fuel cell availability is a reflection of the knowledgeable and dedicated regional service teams and the staff of our Global Monitoring and Control Center.

We have highly trained technicians and engineers remotely operate and maintain the global installed base of fuel cell power plants to optimize the performance of each plant and provide any needed technical assistance to our customers.

FuelCell Energy field service technicians provide on-site servicing. These service offerings transfer the plant performance responsibilities to FuelCell Energy, providing our customers with certainty of costs and power supply. All of our field service technicians are employees of FuelCell Energy as we do not outsource our service.