Electricity production

We solve energy, economic and environmental challenges with efficient, affordable and clean fuel cell power generation solutions. Our versatile solutions are easy-to-site and scalable, including utility applications supplying the electric grid and on-site applications on the customer side-of-the-meter.

Grid Support

Our megawatt-class solutions are utility-proven on three continents. They provide electric utilities with an economical, clean and scalable solution that supplies power where it is needed, such as load pockets, and enhances grid resiliency. The fuel cell power plant, or plants, can be located next to an existing substation or interconnect with the grid.

A 10 MW fuel cell park only requires about one acre of land, illustrating how fuel cell parks are easy to site in high-density areas with constrained land resources, minimizing or even avoiding transmission.

Examples of utilities benefitting from clean and affordable SureSource power plants include Dominion, Avangrid, PG&E, SCE, Southern Company in North America, EON and EWZ in Europe, and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power in Asia. Besides addressing specific power generation challenges, the clean emission profile supports renewable portfolio standard compliance for utilities.


Our on-site or customer-side-of-the-meter applications quietly supply clean and affordable power at the point of use; providing customers with operating cost reductions combined with improved power reliability and energy security.

Our fuel cells are quietly operating next to hospitals, universities, and within office buildings as the clean emission profile, lack of vibrations and unobtrusive nature of the SureSource solution enables installations right where the power is used. On-site power enhances energy security and the clean emission profile supports sustainability initiatives.

Due to the fuel-flexibility versatility of SureSource solutions, municipal wastewater treatment facilities and other producers of renewable biogas also benefit from clean fuel cell power generation.


SureSource fuel cell plants are configurable for micro-grids, supplying power to the grid during normal operation and disconnecting from the grid in the event of a disturbance. This ensures a constant power supply, enhancing the reliability of critical facilities.

SureSource fuel cell plants can be configured in a micro-grid in two ways: either as the sole power source or in conjunction with other power generation sources. FuelCell Energy models, builds and operates the microgrid, which is a differentiator in the industry and highlights our extensive power industry expertise.

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