FuelCell Energy provides ultra-clean, efficient distributed power generation solutions in a socially responsible manner that enhance the lives of our stakeholders and promotes environmental stewardship


Helping customers achieve their sustainability objectives

FuelCell Energy’s ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants support the “Triple Bottom Line” of sustainability, consisting of Environmental, Social and Economic considerations.

Our power plants’ many unique attributes, including high efficiency, virtually pollutant-free operation and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) capability, enable improvements in energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing emissions and costs for our customers.

Put simply, higher efficiency drives better economics and environmental stewardship, supporting both social responsibility goals and public policy objectives.

Putting sustainability concepts into practice

FuelCell Energy takes corporate social responsibility just as seriously as our customers. Sustainability is promoted throughout every aspect of our organization, exemplified by the way we manufacture and manage end-of-life of the plants, and the deployment of our ultra-clean solutions at our corporate headquarters and production facility.

Product Life Cycle (PLC)

Within our “Product Life Cycle” we strive for “cradle-to-cradle” sustainable business practices, incorporating sustainability in our corporate culture and into the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of the power plants. At the end-of-life of the plants, we refurbish and re-use certain parts and then recycle most of what we cannot re-use. By weight, approximately 93 percent of the entire power plant is either re-used or recycled.

FCE Initiatives

DFC Tri-generation Plant

Carbon Footprint

While we continue to enhance and adopt sustainable business practices, we recognize this is an ongoing effort with more to be accomplished; such as further reducing the direct and indirect aspects of our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing process has a very low carbon footprint, utilizing an assembly oriented production strategy and obtaining low carbon power and heat from DFC® fuel cells.

The high electrical efficiency of our power plants combined with thermal output supports low carbon power and heat generation for our customers when utilizing natural gas as the fuel source or zero carbon when utilizing renewable biogas.

Conflict Minerals

Our fuel cells, including the fuel cell components and completed fuel cell module, do not utilize conflict minerals, also known as 3TG minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold); however, the supporting balance of plant includes componentry such as computer circuit boards that utilize very minimal amounts of 3TG minerals. For perspective, total shipments in fiscal year 2015 weighed approximately 7.1 million pounds of which less than 2 pounds, or 0.000024%, represented 3TG minerals. Additional information is available in our conflict mineral disclosure.

CA Transparency in Supply Chains Act disclosure


FuelCell Energy takes pride in helping our customers solve power generation challenges in an environmentally supportive manner and we take seriously our responsibilities individually and collectively to support the Triple Bottom Line of sustainable business practices.