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Maximize uptime
Avoid costly outages and production downtime by adding a continuous source of clean on-site power.


Produce power
Save on energy and secure a long-term source of reliable power that your data center can plan around.


Reduce emissions
Reduce your data center's Scope 1 emissions by decarbonizing your facility's power generation.


Cut costs
Reduce the costs and emissions associated with fuel, transmission, and maintenance.

Reliable on-site power

FuelCell Energy's platforms can be configured as a building's primary power source, making them an ideal solution for decentralized data centers looking for reliable energy. Fuel cells generate electricity and heat through an electrochemical reaction, contributing to ultra-clean baseload power and providing a backup solution.

Clean energy for the cloud

Data centers look to fuel cells to secure mission-critical infrastructure and avoid costly outages. Through FuelCell Energy's Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), data centers can establish predictable long-term energy costs that they can plan around.


200 TWh

in global data center energy use in 2020.

ITIC - Annual Survey



dollars is the average cost of a single hour of network downtime.

ITIC - Annual Survey


32 %

rise in hourly downtime costs in the last seven years.

ITIC - Annual Survey


44 %

of enterprises say hourly downtime costs top $1,000,000.

ITIC - Annual Survey

FuelCell Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. Learn more