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Save on energy
Lower and control operating costs by producing on-site heat and power priced below the grid. 


Reduce emissions
The fuel cell system's low carbon footprint can reduce emissions and advance sustainability goals.


Predictable costs
Reduce exposure to rising energy prices and establish long-term, predictable costs for your hospital.


Generate heat
Quality heat generated by the fuel cell's process can be used to heat the hospital's facilities.

Empowering efficient healthcare

Hospitals rely on energy to provide critical services for the people in our communities. Our platforms can help hospitals advance sustainability goals while saving on energy. Through our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), hospitals can upgrade facilities without the upfront investment. 

FuelCell Energy's 1.4 MW plant generates savings for Hartford Hospital by producing ultra-clean electricity and heat. The small footprint, quiet operation, and clean emissions profile make fuel cell systems easy to site on a hospital's campus.

Healthier air for communities

The fuel cell plant's combustion-free process emits water, not pollutants, supporting healthier air quality for the hospital's surrounding community. By comparison, internal combustion-based power generation creates harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SOx) and particulate matter (PM).

NOx and SOx emissions are regulated in many regions to minimize their adverse health effects and the creation of smog. PM emissions are a public health concern as the particulates can lodge deep in human lung tissue, accumulating over time.


6 Billion

dollars are spent on energy by the healthcare sector each year.

Source: EnergyStar


8 %

of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States comes from the health care sector.

Source: Practice GreenHealth


65 %

of total energy used in hospitals goes towards lighting, space heating, and water heating.

Source: Friendly Power


6700 tons

of CO2 emissions avoided per year by a FuelCell Energy plant at a Connecticut hospital.

Source: FuelCell Energy

FuelCell Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. Learn more