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Maximize uptime
Avoid costly outages and production downtime by adding a continuous source of clean on-site power.


Generate heat
Heat generated by the fuel cell's process can be used for industrial purposes or to heat your facilities.


Decarbonize your site
Reduce Scope 1 emissions and capture carbon from your combustion-based boiler exhausts.


Save on energy
Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) let you save on energy without the upfront capital investment.

Self-generate continuous power

Our platforms can provide manufacturers and research facilities with reliable on-site heat and electricity for industrial processes. When configured as a microgrid, a fuel cell plant can provide a continuous supply of power in the event of a grid outage. 

Fuel cells generate electricity and heat through an electrochemical reaction, contributing to ultra-clean baseload power and providing a backup solution. FuelCell Energy offers a unique decarbonization platform with the ability to capture CO2 and simultaneously generate power — whether the fuel cell runs on natural gas or biogas. 


Powering resilient research

FuelCell Energy installed a 5.6 MW fuel cell system to power a 160-acre research and development facility in Groton, Connecticut. Under a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA), the customer agreed to purchase power and steam from FuelCell Energy for 20 years. The installation forms part of a combined heat and power (CHP) system that runs parallel with the grid and provides standby power in case of outages.

Virtual CO2 recovery tour

Learn how fuel cells can recover CO2 while producing low-carbon electricity. Step through an animated walkthrough of the system.

Take the virtual tour

FuelCell Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. Learn more