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Maximize uptime
Avoid costly outages and production downtime by adding a continuous source of clean on-site power.


Reduce emissions
Reduce Scope 1 emissions with the fuel cell system's low carbon footprint and advance net-zero goals.


Limit risk
Avoid committing to a large upfront capital investment and set fixed energy costs at a predictable level.


Generate heat
Heat generated by the fuel cell's process can be used for industrial purposes or to heat nearby facilities.

Co-locate supply and demand

Our fuel cell plants can be configured as microgrids, supplying power to the grid during normal operation and islanding to provide power in the event of a disturbance. This ensures a constant power supply for critical infrastructure.

Through our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), customers can add a fuel cell microgrid to their facility without the upfront investment. We offer ongoing service, support, and monitoring to assure your asset will continue to run at peak performance.


Powering critical facilities

A 2.2 MW fuel cell microgrid in Woodbridge, Connecticut provides power to a local high school and other nearby buildings. During power outages, the fuel cell switches to microgrid mode to provide reliable and uninterrupted power to seven critical town facilities.

The fuel cell microgrid in Woodbridge also supplies heat to the local high school. When configured for combined heat and power (CHP), the overall system efficiency increases, using fewer resources to produce more power. 

FuelCell Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. Learn more