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Optimize the grid
Enable intermittent energy from sources like wind and solar to be available for use anytime, anywhere.


Improve resilience
Enhance grid resiliency by adding a reliable source of on-site power generated right where it is needed.


Meet net-zero goals
The fuel cell's chemical reaction is virtually free of NOx, SOx, and particulate matter emissions.


Cut operational costs
Establish efficient and predictable power while minimizing transmission and distribution costs.

Embrace the new energy landscape

FuelCell Energy's platforms can help utilities and independent power producers transition to net zero while strengthening grid reliability. Our systems are proven to add clean distributed power while enhancing grid resiliency. The fuel cell power plant's compact design, quiet operation, and clean emissions profile make it easy to site in populated areas.

As utilities adjust to more intermittent power generation from wind and solar, innovative solutions will be required to improve the effectiveness of renewables. Our technologies, both current and in development, help solve this problem by providing clean power to compensate for undersupply and store power during oversupply using hydrogen.


Improve resource adequacy

Grid operators are tasked with generating enough power to ensure that supply and demand stay in sync. Resembling the side profile of a duck, the "duck curve" chart was introduced by the California Independent System Operator. The chart shows how energy demand is typically lower during the day and ramps up at night. 

Grids with high solar adoption may over-generate during the day and under-generate as the sun sets and energy demand rises. FuelCell Energy's solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) platform, currently under development, aims to balance time gap problems in the market by producing and storing hydrogen — so that energy from wind and solar energy can be used anytime, anywhere.

FuelCell Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. Learn more