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Run on biogas
The system runs directly on biogas from the wastewater treatment process to produce clean power.


Remove contaminants
Our proprietary system removes siloxanes and sulfur compounds to maximize useable biogas. 


Recycle heat
Heat generated inside the fuel cell plant can be used to support the anaerobic digestion process.


Reduce flaring
The fuel cell's chemical reaction is virtually free of NOx, SOx, and particulate matter emissions.

Complete waste to energy solutions

FuelCell Energy offers proven, end-to-end solutions for wastewater treatment plants. Our unique technology treats the anaerobic digester gas so that the fuel cell plant can run directly off of it. As a result, the system efficiently produces renewable energy from direct biogas. 

On-site power can improve a facility's energy resiliency. Through our long-term service agreements, FuelCell Energy’s technicians can assist with installation, operation, maintenance, and 24/7 remote monitoring.




Clean emissions profile 

The fuel cell plant uses an electrochemical reaction, rather than combustion, and can improve local air quality by eliminating the need to flare biogas. The clean emissions profile can help a site avoid current and future air permitting challenges. Watch this timelapse of the flare turning off at the Tulare, California wastewater treatment plant. FuelCell Energy is now capturing the excess biogas to use as renewable fuel.



16000 +

the number of wastewater treatment plants in the United States.



11400 tons

of CO2 emissions avoided each year by the FuelCell Energy plant in Tulare.

FuelCell Energy


3 %

of the total U.S. electricity production is used by wastewater and water treatment.



2000 cars

off the road for a year is equal to the emissions reduction of FuelCell Energy's Tulare plant.

EPA: GHG Calculator

FuelCell Energy's 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. Learn more