Energy storage

Our SureSource Storage solution is a developing, market-driven energy storage system that utilizes solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) to affordably and efficiently convert excess power into hydrogen, an energy carrier, for long duration storage applications.

The hydrogen produced from SOEC can be stored and used for grid-power, hydrogen fueling stations or for industrial purposes as an alternative to natural gas reforming. SOEC can also be applied as a clean and highly efficient solution for storing excess power produced by intermittent technologies when their output exceeds the needs of the electric grid.

Suitable for installation adjacent to existing electrical substations, this easy-to-site solution enables long-duration energy storage with a process that has a high round-trip efficiency. When power is needed, the hydrogen is cleanly and efficiently converted back into power using the same solid oxide system in fuel cell power generation mode.

Meeting the needs for utility-scale applications as well as on-site opportunities, our SureSource Storage solution offers:

  • Round trip energy efficiency above 70%
  • Long duration storage as the hydrogen is compressed and stored on-site or transported for distant uses
  • Easy siting on utility-owned land next to existing substations as system requires minimal space, achieves a clean emissions profile and operates quietly

The market for energy storage is significant for high efficiency and flexible long duration storage that is affordable for rate payers. The energy storage market continues to expand as utilities adjust to manage increased levels of intermittent renewable power generation supplying the electric grid. The hydrogen produced from SOEC can be stored and used for grid-power during periods of high demand, or supplied to hydrogen fueling stations or industry as an alternative to natural gas reforming.