Heating & cooling

High efficiency combined heat & power (CHP)

Our fuel cell plants generate electricity and usable high-quality heat or steam from the same unit of fuel, supporting sustainability and economics. The heat or steam generated from this highly efficient configuration, referred to as combined heat & power (CHP), can be used for heating buildings and meeting hot water needs, and the steam can be used for cooling using conventional absorption chilling equipment. The heat production is approximately 7000 F. and suitable for supporting industrial processes such as commercial baking, pharmaceutical production or wastewater treatment.

When configured for CHP, system efficiencies can reach up to 90 percent, depending on the application, further enhancing the project economics for power producers and investors.

Supplying district heating systems

The heat produced is suitable for supplying district heating systems.  Fuel cell power plants are supplying heat to district heating systems in the United States and South Korea.