Our sustainability commitment

FuelCell Energy’s 2021 Sustainability Report

Learn how we fulfill our corporate purpose by managing environmental, social, and governance risks, and opportunities that are material to our business and stakeholders.

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Conflict minerals

Our fuel cells, including the fuel cell components and completed fuel cell module, do not utilize conflict minerals, also known as 3TG minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold); however, the supporting balance of plant includes componentry such as computer circuit boards that utilize very minimal amounts of 3TG minerals. For perspective, total shipments in fiscal year 2016 weighed approximately 5.8 million pounds of which only about 3 pounds, or 0.000052%, represented 3TG minerals. Additional information is available in our conflict mineral disclosure.

CA transparency in supply chains act disclosure

FuelCell Energy takes pride in helping our customers solve power generation challenges in an environmentally supportive manner and we take our responsibilities seriously – individually and collectively – to support the Triple Bottom Line of sustainable business practices. Addition information in our California Transparency in Supply Chains Act disclosure.