Our commitment to sustainability

At FuelCell Energy we believe in Sustainability. Looking back to our founding 50 years ago, we can say that the Sustainability pillars of Environment, Social Responsibility, and Economy have always been in our DNA. Since we started, we have worked to be a truly sustainable company in all these areas. We have come a long way, we have learned a lot, and we continue to improve. Today, we provide ultra-clean, efficient distributed power generation solutions in a socially responsible manner that enhance the lives of our stakeholders and are a catalyst for environmental stewardship beyond our company walls

Helping customers achieve their sustainability objectives

Our fuel cell power plants support the Environmental, Social and Economic “Triple Bottom Line” of sustainability. The unique attributes of SureSource plants, including high efficiency, virtually pollutant-free operation and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) capability, enable improvements in energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing emissions and costs for our customers.

Put simply, higher efficiency drives better economics and environmental stewardship, supporting both social responsibility goals and public policy objectives.

Putting sustainability concepts into practice

FuelCell Energy takes corporate Sustainability just as seriously as our customers. Sustainability is promoted throughout every aspect of our organization. We manufacture power plants and manage them all the way through the end-of-life using environmentally friendly business processes and practices, certified to ISO 14001:2015.

Product Life Cycle (PLC)

We continually improve how we plan and execute across the entire “Product Life Cycle”. We strive for “cradle-to-cradle” sustainable business practices, incorporating sustainability in our corporate culture. We utilize Design for Environment principles in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of the power plants. When our plants reach end of life, we can refurbish and re-use certain parts and then recycle most of what we cannot re-use. By weight, approximately 93 percent of the entire power plant can be re-used or recycled.

FCE Initiatives

  • At our North American manufacturing facility, a SureSource tri-generation fuel cell plant efficiently generates ultra-clean power, usable heat and high purity hydrogen to support our manufacturing process. An on-site vehicle charging station is also powered by this plant, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. The tri-generation plant is virtually absent of pollutants (smog producing NOx, SOx that produces acid rain & particulates that can aggravate asthma). It also avoids losses from power transmission and the costs and emissions associated with delivery of hydrogen by diesel-trucks.
  • In keeping with our commitment to ISO 14001:2015, some of our operational initiatives include:
    • Routing excess heat from production processes throughout the facility to reduce both heating costs and associated emissions.
    • The installation of high efficiency lighting.
    • Partially powering the corporate offices with power generated by the various fuel cell configurations undergoing development in the research area.
    • Utilizing cross-functional teams to evaluate additional areas for continual improvement.

Carbon footprint

While we continue to enhance and adopt sustainable business practices, we recognize we still have more to accomplish, such as further reducing the direct and indirect aspects of our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing process has a very low carbon footprint, utilizing an assembly oriented production strategy and obtaining low carbon power and heat from SureSource fuel cells.

The high electrical efficiency of our power plants combined with thermal output supports low carbon power and heat generation for our customers when utilizing natural gas as the fuel source or zero carbon when utilizing renewable biogas.

FuelCell Energy’s carbon capture solution efficiently and affordably captures carbon emissions from existing coal or gas-fired power plants while destroying approximately 70% of the plant’s smog-producing pollutants and cleanly generating power.

Economics and social responsibility

We continuously work to achieve the economic goals our shareholders and other stakeholders expect by delivering on innovative initiatives, cutting costs, and continually improving product performance as well as corporate practices and governance. FCE’s business processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015, which reflects our focus on producing quality products and an emphasis on continuous improvement in all facets of our business.

In addition to our drive to make great products, we believe in being a positive force in our community and the world.  For example, we do the best we can to support community groups like the United Way, the Susan B. Anthony foundation, Adopt A Street and our local food banks.

We also strive to work responsibly toward a sustainable social and economic future for the people in the deepest reaches of our supply chain:

Conflict minerals

Our fuel cells, including the fuel cell components and completed fuel cell module, do not utilize conflict minerals, also known as 3TG minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold); however, the supporting balance of plant includes componentry such as computer circuit boards that utilize very minimal amounts of 3TG minerals. For perspective, total shipments in fiscal year 2016 weighed approximately 5.8 million pounds of which only about 3 pounds, or 0.000052%, represented 3TG minerals. Additional information is available in our conflict mineral disclosure.

CA transparency in supply chains act disclosure

FuelCell Energy takes pride in helping our customers solve power generation challenges in an environmentally supportive manner and we take our responsibilities seriously – individually and collectively – to support the Triple Bottom Line of sustainable business practices. Addition information in our California Transparency in Supply Chains Act disclosure.