Dec 30

FuelCell Energy Highlights Advances in Renewable Biogas Applications- Renewable Energy Magazine

FuelCell Energy, Inc.  recently announced the start of commercial operation of the 2.8 MW fuel cell project located at the city of Tulare, California’s waste water treatment facility.  This milestone is the culmination of fifty years of innovation optimizing the application of SureSource power plants for power generation with on-site renewable fuels.

Using biogas began with the company’s very first commercial power plant shipment in 2003.  That first 250 kW system operated on digester gas at a Kirin Brewery in Japan.  A year later the company started the first prototype of today’s 1.4MW SureSource 1500 at the King County Wastewater Treatment plant in Renton, Washington.  In subsequent years, the company has deployed over 20 MW of fuel cell systems operating on renewable biogas at wastewater treatment facilities agricultural facilities and breweries in California and around the world, leading up to the recently commissioned 2.8 MW Tulare project and the in-development 1.4 MW San Bernardino project.

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