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Highly efficient
The superior fuel efficiency to combustion-based power generation can increase ROI and avoid CO2 emissions.


Fewer emissions
The fuel cell's chemical reaction is virtually free of NOx, SOx, and particulate matter emissions.


Easy to site
The clean emissions profile, small footprint, and quiet operation make fuel cells easy to site in urban areas.


Fuel flexible
The system's ability to run on various fuels provides flexibility in the event of fuel price fluctuations.


1.4 MW Carbonate Fuel Cell Power Plant

Designed for a range of on-site power applications, FuelCell Energy’s 1500 power plant generates 1.4 MW of reliable and efficient power. Operating from a compact footprint, the 1500 is ideal for sites with limited space and can combine with more modules to meet higher power demands.

Download 1500 Spec Sheet



2.8 MW Carbonate Fuel Cell Power Plant

Comprised of two 1500 plants, FuelCell Energy’s 3000 generates 2.8 MW of reliable and efficient power. On-site power can maximize a site’s production uptime by avoiding costly outages. The fuel cell plant’s electrochemical process results in electricity, heat, and water, with the ability to recycle CO2 into a valuable product.

Download 3000 Spec Sheet

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