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Evolving the FuelCell Energy brand

How do we evolve a brand committed to a goal of net zero carbon—for ourselves and our customers?
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New FuelCell Energy logo in motion
Aug 18
Fuel Cell

How does a fuel cell work?

What is a fuel cell? A fuel cell is a device that makes electricity from fuel and air. Instead of burning the fuel to make heat to drive a mechanical generator, fuel cells react the fuel and air electrochemically, without combustion. The electrochemical approach avoids pollutants that are created by high…
Aug 18

The Basics of FuelCell Energy’s Carbon Capture Platform

The global effort to cut emissions is expected to increase over the next decade, particularly in energy-intensive sectors like manufacturing and petrochemicals. With the pressing need to cut emissions across industries, carbon capture and storage technology has both economic and environmental benefits. FuelCell Energy offers the only known platform that…
Apr 03
Jan 27

Brand identity for the net zero era

How do we evolve a brand committed to a goal of net zero carbon—for ourselves and our customers? Today, FuelCell Energy begins the introduction of a new brand identity. In 2021 thousands of organizations committed to paths to reach carbon zero by 2030. Though delivering on that commitment requires some…
Jun 04

Murphy, Hayes bullish on legislation that would benefit FuelCell Energy

DANBURY — Two members of Connecticut’s legislative delegation told employees of FuelCell Energy they are determined to include provisions that are favorable to the renewable energy sector in legislation currently being discussed in Washington. U.S. Sen. Christopher Murphy, D-Conn., and U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-5, made their comments to company…
Oct 12
Oct 08
Oct 08

FuelCell Energy raises $117m to advance business goals—H2 View

FuelCell Energy has raised approximately $177m to advance its business growth goals within the hydrogen and fuel cell market. In a recent announcement, the Connecticut-based company said it’s dedicated to growing its platform and sales pipeline of opportunities in South Korean and Asian Markets, something that the new capital will…
Sep 30

FuelCell Energy to supply clean power to Connecticut-H2 View

Fuel cell solutions provider FuelCell Energy will construct four new power plants to supply clean power to the Connecticut electric grid. The announcement is part of a project award totalling 11.2-megawatts from electric distribution companies Eversource and United Illuminated.